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  • "Experts nearly all recommend Vote Smart." The New York Times. "Vote Smart is a bright light in an often desultory civic culture." - Bill Moyers. "We think so highly of Vote Smart that we are distributing their materials to all of our affiliates." CNN. Search Form. First, enter a politician or zip code ▷. Now, choose a category ▷. • Found on Google
  • Here you can find your Elected Officials, how to contact them, bills they've introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they've received. Thanks to our friends at the Sunlight Foundation for helping to build this tool. Join Common Cause in the fight for ethics in government! Sign up for e-news, or take ... • Found on Google
  • 25-1067.00, Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary · Bright Outlook. 25-1125.00, History Teachers, Postsecondary · Bright Outlook. 27-1013.00, Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators. 27-3031.00, Public Relations Specialists · Green Occupation. 11-1031.00, Legislators. 17-1021.00, Cartographers and ... • Found on Google
  • Nov 6, 2016 ... Even presidential candidates — some with long careers in public service — attempt to claim outsider status, as if experience is a liability. They can hardly be blamed for shunning the label “politician,” but that title used to convey a sense of honor. What we really need are fewer career politicians and more ... • Found on Google
  • Oct 12, 2016 ... Sam Olens, Georgia's attorney general, was named on Wednesday as president of Kennesaw State University by the University System of Georgia's Board of Regents, according to a university news release. In a rare move, Mr. Olens was selected without a national search to fill the position, a point of ... • Found on Google
  • Nov 22, 2017 ... limit my search to r/AyyMD. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit: find submissions in "subreddit"; author:username: find submissions by "username"; find submissions from ""; url:text: search for "text" in url; selftext:text: search for "text" ... • Found on Google
  • Feb 27, 2017 ... HE IS ALL OF US. 06:05 AM - 17 Feb 2017 · Reply Retweet Favorite. According to a source at Google, someone once tagged Wilson's portrait's metadata with the single word, "human". Apparently the search engine did the rest, with the algorithm promoting this generic human face to the top search result. • Found on Google
  • Dec 4, 2017 ... Recently, many football fans and several legislators spoke out against the hiring of Greg Schiano as the new coach at UT and the deal was scotched. That sparked a week of chaos and on Friday, reports seeped out that UT athletic director John Currie had been fired. The search process has appeared ... • Found on Google
  • Jan 16, 2018 ... Google referred to Sen. David Perdue on Tuesday as a “lying, unscrupulous politician” when the Republican senator's name was searched. The “knowledge graph” on the right side of the search page said “David Alfred Perdue Jr. is an American businessman and lying, unscrupulous politician. He is a ... • Found on Google
  • Mar 30, 2017 ... A fundraising campaign that pledges to purchase Congress members' internet browsing history has been called into question amid confusion over whether it is actually possible to acquire that data. Search Internet History was created on 25 March, ahead of the House of Representatives vote to allow ... • Found on Google
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