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  • But before you run to the salon, be sure to read Herman's advice about gel manicures, along with the nail wizard's step-by-step guide on how to remove gel nail polish at home. (Spoiler alert: You will need acetone, but she'll tell you how to protect your skin.) In this Article: How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home; How to ... • Found on Google
  • Nov 17, 2017 ... We've been there. The temptation to pick/rip/bite off the polish is strong, but resist it. You can remove gel without damaging your nails. We talked to celebrity manicurists and beauty experts to find out exactly how to remove gel nail polish at home safely, without going to the salon. Follow this guide and your ... • Found on Google
  • Have a love-hate relationship with gel nail polish? The pros: The polish is super shiny and lasts for weeks—there's no annoying chips regardless of how many dishes you do. The cons: The dreaded removal process takes time and can seriously wreck your nails. We asked celebrity nail expert, Tracylee (@luxebytracylee), ... • Found on Google
  • Hey, we all love a good gel polish manicure (See: 33 Thoughts Every Woman Has Had At The Nail Salon). With all the at-home gel nail kits now available, it's easy to do yourself, extra shiny and long lasting. Er, super long-lasting. After two Manicure Mondays had passed and my gel nails were still on, I was ready for a color ... • Found on Google
  • Jun 16, 2016 ... When your vacation manicure goes bad, follow these easy steps for removing gel nail polish without ruining your nails. Read on. • Found on Google
  • Jul 6, 2017 ... Going to the salon takes time (and money) and removing gel polish yourself is actually rather simple, if you safely follow these five steps. • Found on Google
  • Jul 25, 2016 ... "Basic" may have adapted a negative connotation in recent years, but there's no shame in seeking advice on theoretically simple sartorial conundrums. In our latest column, "Back to Basics," we're here to guide you through life's most common (and important) fashion and beauty concerns. Here's the thing ... • Found on Google
  • Jul 24, 2017 ... The five easiest and fastest ways to remove gel nail polish at home, with zero damage. Check out the tutorials, here. • Found on Google
  • Dec 28, 2017 ... You actually can take off your gels at home ​without​ leaving your nails flakey, shredded, and peeling. • Found on Google
  • How to Remove Gel Nail Polish. Gel polish is a nail lacquer that is set with UV light in order to harden it. It is known for being especially durable for a period of 10 days to 3 weeks. Salons that give gel manicures also remove the... • Found on Google
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