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  • 'Brand equity' is a phrase used in the marketing industry which describes the value of having a well-known brand name, based on the idea that the owner of a well-known brand name can generate more revenue simply from brand recognition; that is from products with that brand name than from products with a less well ... • Found on Google
  • Factor analysis yields two brand equity outcome dimensions and eight brand equity drivers. A large proportion of consumers clearly have strong feelings about the supermarkets they patronize, and that effort expended in keeping customers, service level, and product quality and assortment appear to be basic requirements ... • Found on Google
  • The value premium that a company realizes from a product with a recognizable name as compared to its generic equivalent. Companies can create brand equity for their products by making them memorable, easily recognizable and superior in quality and reliability. • Found on Google
  • This research aims to examine the impact of celebrity credibility on consumer‐based equity of the endorsed brand. The mediating role of brand credibility and the moderating role of the type of branding (parent versus sub‐brand) employed by the endorsed brand on the endorser credibility‐brand equity relationship are also ... • Found on Google
  • What is Brand Equity? Brand equity is a marketing term that describes a brand's value. That value is determined by consumer perception of and experiences with the brand. If people think highly of a brand, it has positive brand equity. When a brand consistently under-delivers and disappoints to the point where people ... • Found on Google
  • Many studies over time have demonstrated that brand equity is a significant contributor to stock price, company valuation and shareholder value. Branding Strategy Insider offers insight on effective measurement techniques with emphasis on awareness, differentiation, value, accessibility, and emotional connection. • Found on Google
  • Brand equity has 4 dimensions - brand loyalty, brand awareness, brand associations, and perceived quality. Find out more from David Aaker. • Found on Google
  • Dec 7, 2015 ... This research reports an independent assessment of a recently developed set of consumer-based brand equity measures. Yoo and Donthu (1997) developed a multidimensional, consumer-based brand equity scale comprised of four theoretically defined constructs and a separate multiple-item overall ... • Found on Google
  • Brand equity can add considerable value to your business. It is the amount of positive thoughts & feelings generated by your brand amongst customers. • Found on Google
  • When people speak of brand equity they mean the public's valuation of a brand. Brand equity is associated with wide recognition, customer loyalty, and the market share... • Found on Google
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