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  • I am here to describe You

  • I'm an Amateur Filmmaker. I run a defictionalization site. I'm a musician and I'm a reviewer. This Twitter is for promoting my work only.

  • Marketing Director @WXRY. Mom, dog person, functional-ish introvert, married to @timprobable. Liberal politics & lots of dog pics. #LarryIsReal 🏳️‍🌈 #TeamFran

  • local hunny/snow angel

  • Artist, author, designer and builder. Lover of all things unanswerable. Follow and re-tweet. We do.

  • Entrepreneur,Telangana

  • Just living life

  • Just living life

  • Author of Burning Bright. Volatile. Staunch feminist. Literally a cyborg and mutant 😏. Gay.

  • Sepia/Haze. The smallest, gayest dog & rabbit 💜✨ Proud bun momma 🐰🐇 23 | Female & female pronouns | Furry | Artist | Writer | FFXIV Amber Viper on Malboro


  • The Congressional Internet Caucus Academy aims to curate balanced and dynamic debates among Internet stakeholders.

  • Unmatched coverage from over 60 cities across India brought to you by

  • Cortez Irshown Taylor👫💗🤞🏼E.M.U '20 💚 Detroit vs. everybody 💯

  • Maker of video games for filthy lucre and for the sake of it. #actuallyautistic #wwfc⚽️

  • Our products include, VEHICLE WRAPS, banners, posters, trade show displays, yard signs, political signs, fleet graphics, car stickers, outdoor signs, & more.

  • At Southland Registrations we strive for our commitment to Fast Friendly Service. Follow us for tips and stuff you didn't know you should know!

  • Header features local (Chadds Ford, PA) artist Andrew Wyeth's "Master Bedroom." Alternative facts=falsehoods; even 3rd graders know this!🇺🇸

  • Recruiter & Brand Ambassador. World traveler, animal lover, equality advocate. My opinions are my own. RT doesn't always = agreement. #TheResistance

  • Incurable writer, boisterous and confident individual seeking entrepreneurial opportunities on a daily. Cisco Certified Network Engineer.

  • Search hourglass and its relation to atmospheric, space and earth

  • Human. A son A father. Down to earth

  • Preserving Cambridge's industrial heritage at the city's original sewage pumping station.

  • Realist-Nation Before Self! Intoxicated Philosopher, Freelance Writer, Dreamer & Neo Thinker! RTs not endorsements and tweets are personal!

  • Queen of the UAE tech scene / Editor at / Tech Columnist at @EntMagazineME / Check out my tag #TamTalksTech

  • Bringing you the best conversations on Indian and international business, in alliance with @Forbes. Run by our journalists. Read more at

  • Deputy editor @nzstuff. Currently on maternity leave (again)

  • Pursuing a flourshing New Westminster built on family, faith, business, government and charity

  • Weekly Rare & Antiquarian Book Auctions Since 2003 END EVERY SUNDAY 8pm BST #Travel #Voyages #Philosophy #BookBindings #Religion #FirstEditions #Literature etc

  • @lityoongo: nancy culture is loving namjoon and seokjin unconditionally | Soon to be a part of 5기 ARMY on fc

  • ✧ ♫ you are the cause of my euphoria ♫ ✧|| frida is my moonlight ♡ fan account

  • I am.... me. I can’t think of any other way to put it.

  • Queen bad bitch 😽💋💅🏽

  • Long-suffering Mariners fan, bookworm, recovering music snob, podcast addict. I generally prefer pups over people.

  • 24, student-actor ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #WHYNOT

  • Baseball Basketball Golf NCAA basketball NCAA football Sports Olympics Sports commentary Track & Field

  • Visual artist

  • "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." -Michelangelo

  • Aotearoa #NZ

  • BCSS Law

  • #UniteBlue Following doesn’t=endorsing - I follow people of dubious character as well as people of infinite wisdom. Follow me=follow you. Personal Opinions only

  • life long Democrat, 6 children,counselor- home health ,not tech savvy (learninng) Love cooking & gardening.

  • Atheist,bitchy libtard, antique collector, currently vegan. #sciencefirst #resistance #pride🏳️‍🌈 #Trumpmustbedestroyed

  • Use to play my guitar. Now just relaxing

  • YallahDawg, A-hole, Motero #UniteBlue 🛇 #zionistas, #AllahHollahez & #christwhisperers🚫 #FreePalestine #RESIST #FreeKurdistan #UnBernt #HillaryWon #MeTooGuy

  • #eBayseller Purveyor of awesome things. #Hummel #Starbucks #jewelrymaking #antiques #mugs #Disney #katespade #collectibles #SpiritualGangster #fashion

  • Democrat. Geek. Hashtag games. Prone to snark & swearing. Still waiting for my check from Soros. I rarely DM. 🚫MAGAts & lists. #Resist

  • In no particular order... Film maker / Journalist / Editor / Husband / Father / Essex Boy / 80's Graffiti writer / Delinquent mostly (My views are my own)

  • Editor in Chief of @NZStuff, NZ's biggest website. Interested in journalism, food, pop culture, and the Oxford comma. #IVLPMurrow fellow 2016.

  • News & Updates about MCR (2001-2013) members @gerardway @mikeyway @frankiero @raytoro. Not affiliated with My Chemical Romance

  • Student Spotlight was founded in 2017 in Frisco, TX. We are a school supply store catering to customers with school age children; K-12 and college students.

  • Nobody

  • Don't confuse Bjorn Again with religion--affiliated with none USMC vet, dad. Neck deep in the resistance to all things Trump Cool Hand Luke is my spirit animal.

  • empire state native w/ overwhelming fondness for austrailian licorice (seriously,yum!).Poli sci enthusiast. .אני מכיר את החוק ,תודה רבה

  • JC♥️

  • We're creating our own Aus-merican dream. Visited all 50 US states in 3 years while working full-time. Sharing tips & adventures on RV life, freedom & travel

  • Twitch Streamer - YouTuber - I'll destroy you in FPS' and I'll lap you on the track.

  • very good team

  • Jesus is my bestie. Licensed cosmetologist. Lipstick lover. Drake enthusiast. Young black Queen. Legendary. Woman of substance. Rest in peace daddy 10.10.13 ❤️

  • National Numbers is the UK's favourite cherished / private number plate supplier. We have all the names & numbers so search for a plate NOW! Call 01642 363738.

  • A new orchard of Cornish Heritage Apples, deep in the heart of rural Cornwall. Ever tasted a Cornish Gilliflower or a Breadfruit? And then there's the cider..

  • Never regret something that once made you smile! Check pinned tweet in profile for opened GOs! :) #BeaniUpdates for all GO related updates


  • Supporter of anti-corruption, anti-reservation n education 2 all. ସ୍ବଚ୍ଛ,ନିର୍ମଳ ଓ ଦୁର୍ନୀତି ମୁକ୍ତ ଓଡିଶା ପାଇଁ ବିଶ୍ଵାସ କରୁଥିବା ଜଣେ ସାଧାରଣ ଓଡିଆ ପାଇକ ।

  • I lik music

  • Vottom | Baby Tae Supremacist | 🔞ish | Headcanons and AUs |

  • gcse notes because how else are we gonna pass

  • SUCCUAFREE 🚷 IG 📸 c_walkin00 Sc👻 waavy00 LICENSED BARBER 💈✂️

  • Love my Frontera hometown, good grilling, cold beer and fairness and justice for all.

  • Founded in 1972 Tayyab’s is a family owned and run business in Whitechapel serving the finest in Punjabi cuisine. We make those famous lamb chops.

  • I ❤️Jesus, my wife, my kids & grand-daughter tremendously! I desire to ❤️ more than hate; smile more than frown! PE teacher & driving instructor

  • Holland 1916 is a manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminum nameplates, with an on time percentage of over 99%, and an industry leading time of 5 days.

  • #SINGER / #SONGWRITER / #PRODUCER 🎹🎹 MUSIC Instagram: ShaleaMusic 🦋🦋🦋 YOUTUBE: Alesha Nejad #shaleamusic ✨✨✨✨Personal Insta ~ Aleshanejad

  • Paula's Barntiques & Antiques

  • Artist, author, designer and builder. Lover of all things unanswerable. Follow and re-tweet. We do.

  • 🐧🍦 29 INFP Ravenclaw🧜‍♀secret mermaid riding on a wave of shame embarrassing myself on a daily basis; 🗑 hyperbolic by nature | @mircifer is my other half ♥

  • Fuck you. Brainsick, Strange Music, 6. Hopefully the last account that gets fucked with. 6.

  • A Twitter account for the Shield Staff that are working hard to publish a fantastic yearbook. Follow this Twitter account to stay up to date with info.

  • Lifelong Liberal, mother, grandmother, Sister. Love my gardens. Hillary Clinton should be President. No Trump, or Bernie Bots. #RESIST ✊✊No Lists!

  • Top USA Products

  • yeee

  • 'Peekza' -Mari❤️

  • Thank you Jesus Christ 🙏🏽 instagram: EronFromTheTown


  • Filth Grumphisjohnson8 - PSN

  • The fire took everything, took my life but when she entered, she became my saving grace. {Claimed} #TWRP #fake 18+

  • ⛽️

  • Believe in Dr.@Swamy39 @narendramodi , @yogrishiramdev (In that order only) Staunch Hindu...Anti CONgress...Hate this Paid Media...

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