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  • Madonna's foundation working to end extreme poverty and improve human rights in Malawi.

  • 19 years old. 🇲🇽 CSUF 2020🐘 ✨Disney ✨ 12/24/11 Ꮉ IG:@Cheshire_Cat_Cruz #LoveIsLove🏳️‍🌈 Snapchat👻: cruzjasmine824

  • Athéiste intégriste, Antitheiste pratiquant. #infirmier Prépa concours IADE #Gaymer #Pokemon #Fiancé #vegan #AntiSJW #SatanIsMyDaddy #BlackMetal #Gaymetalhead

  • @masster_swaggy💍💙

  • i feel sad most of the time but sometimes i feel happy!

  • amstud 🦅 • phd • she/her • lots of singing • podcast: @thebaddadclub

  • Currently exploring my options on the far end of the Heteronormative Desirability Matrix.

  • Practicing voodoo artist... dog fitness blogger... accountant.

  • Book worm, historian, pro gun, pro freedom and animal lover. #Trump!

  • temple u

  • #KATL #AVGeek #USAF #KC135A #1A #2A #ProIsrael #OpAntiISIS #tcot #ccot @skzdalimit on

  • knowing is better than wondering✨

  • send me some music



  • shu 2021

  • Scotty, beam me up

  • Married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart. 3 beautiful children. Cubs fanatic!! Music lover. 🤘

  • “The only thing exciting about 2002 is that it's a palindrome” • • Insta:

  • •the ends beginning ep, track two•

  • God created Madonna, Madonna created MDNA, I created The MDNA Mafia | FAN ACCOUNT |

  • LIGHT BRINGER| | New Video Is Up!! Don’t miss a thing, Subscribe Today!!

  • Scout Riddle | 19 | Michigander | WSU Detroit | Art Education | Wanderlust | Music Enthusiast | Ocean Lover | Dog Mom |

  • Roman Agency, Inc.- Insurance, Investments, MUSIC Booking&Promotion. Host(ess) of Listening Room@Circle C. Songwriter, pianist in spare time.Wait, what's that?

  • Everyone has the right to live as he wants to freedom and not to harm others •Monster•

  • 19. Not to sound cosmic but... |

  • Lady Gaga is my hero ❤ Little monster I finally meet Gaga and I'll never forget that and the date 27 / 9- 14 💕❤️😍 I have also met @fifthharmony 💕😍 22/10-16

  • fsu

  • it is what it is

  • 22.

  • adoro madonna , Britney Spears la Juventus e amo da morire i telefilm americani !! sono le mie grandi passioni!!!!

  • Janet is The Queen that Inspires some of y'all Faves Today! do I need to say more???👸🏿 Oh I'm the Pettiest Janet Fan so don't Get dragged 😉

  • Emma, she/her. Ginger and Baby Spice love child. 🤡 Hey hey it’s your old pal Krusty 🤡

  • All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,

  • professional crybaby

  • following K.O Mrcashtime

  • Mother of 7 || UPG '19 || Dead Inside

  • Contador UNAM, Locución, Director d Ventas en Capital 8, Música, Kabbalah, Community Manager, Madonna, Anime.

  • All I ever do is run and eat pizza • iue '20

  • this is my part nobody else speak


  • Ferocious & Delicious • LESBIAN LoyalLion Where are the limits between Intellect and Communication? in an Introspective Mood🔥💗🍓🌿💐 Lectorium Rosicrucianum

  • We're a niche hobbyist sports car dismantler selling through eBay.

  • Hope Conferences, Inc. presents HOPE OF THE NATIONS, Sep 15th at Lowell Memorial Auditorium. #HopeLowell2018

  • the alt account for someone you know personally

  • me llamo Martin tengo 21 años , soy de La Boca Capital Federal , soltero y soy Madder ( fan de Madonna ) amo la musica pop :D

  • "Don't blame me, love made me crazy If it doesn't, you ain't doing it right..." -Taylor Swift 💞 | FAN ACCOUNT |

  • really nice person with lots to offer

  • Jack❤️💞yes you do, you need it. you need the space and I need you. ✨{maybe there's hope}✨ sorry, we’re closed #ImWithHer / #SMITHRADIOARMY ᴬᴸᴵᴱᴺˢ👽 UTD’22

  • Fan of the queen of pop Madonna👑

  • it’s ‘07 britney bitch

  • #LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 غير مرحب بالدواعش

  • I’m A Bully! I Need Help!💞GeminiSeasonIsHere♊️💜

  • BioHumano | cuenta personal | Tengo certeza y fe para seguir caminando. Periodista

  • metaphysical poet, metaphysician, astrology, Kabbalah, play banjo , sing, dance, skateboarding, garden and landscaper

  • increase the peace

  • living for myself

  • Translator, interpretor Slovak, Czech, - Dutch, Dutch - Slovak, Czech living in Holland since 1988, born in former Czechoslovakia in Bratislava and openminded

  • God created Madonna, Madonna created MDNA, I created The MDNA Mafia | FAN ACCOUNT |

  • Christian | American | Conservative | Gen Z | ♋ | Enjoys writing | ~ #MAGA / #Trump2020 ~

  • Christian | American | Conservative | Gen Z | ♋ | Enjoys writing | ~ #MAGA / #Trump2020 ~

  • I am literally trash I fangirl about bands/band members a lot ive read a shitton of fanfic & if I were better at writing Id like to be an author or something

  • he/him/his You are exactly where you need to be. 💖 is 💛 is 💙 is ❤ Proud #Resister

  • I'd rather be someone's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea

  • Also known as The Official Voice Of American Boxing

  • Believer, Father, Patriot, Conservative. Pro-Military-Life-Israel. Love God, Family, Country, Military, Law enforcement, KJV, Constitution, #NRA #MolonLabe

  • Artist brushes designed for artists by an artist. Think Creatively

  • run with the hunted

  • way to go, Paul

  • Aspiring author, music lover and podcast fanatic. Irish, 21, lesbian, feminist, good vibes only ✌💜☮💛🖤

  • they/them • vegan • ”if you’re not standing out, you’re doing something wrong.” -awsten knight

  • video games and lax are life... to bad I suck at both!

  • 🎼i dont really fuck with politics but i got nothing but respect for my president lil phag

  • 26 | MLU 01.28.18 | late night thoughts | caffeine addict | impulsive | revenge is the sweetest joy next 2 getting pussy🌈

  • You see that I'm ferocious, you see that I am weak, you see that I am silly and pretentious and a freak!

  • Beauty lies beyond the surface, but the heart yearns to take up more space than the body can contain. My tweets aren't intended to reach anyone, for any reason.

  • Je ne poste rien de spécial mais tu peux quand même me follow si tu veux. 😅😊😁📲

  • i had a pet wolf until i needed a coat

  • I was probably a pretzel in my past life. Sometimes a scriptwriter 👩‍🎤

  • Check out our internet radio network at for the best content 24/7/365 from the #worldshottest indie artists!

  • self proclaimed emo-glitter fairy ✨⚡️🧚🏻‍♀️🐾 that was legitness • just a grrrl • peach scones • welcome to Roseville • buttery crispy flake

  • john 💓🌹💕✨🌻❣️💖💫🌞💐❤️💞

  • I used to play with 4* event ponies for a living, until I felt the sudden urge to be educated. Now the struggle continues. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Education major.

  • Kate•Positive mindset, Happy soul🌻•22 ♒️

  • the ali who’s got a caravan in dunoon

  • gemini🍒

  • Family, God, guns, country. Carpenter & commercial cabinetmaker now drawing architectural pictures for a living. Love ya, maaan, take it easy ;)

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