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  • a hypocrite.

  • Loves Horse Racing,Golf and Tennis

  • Occasional tweeter at best. Mostly about TV, Films, Music or Sport.

  • We buy/sell books, records and MORE

  • Football fanatic, teacher and unsuccessful gambler

  • summer-loving, japanophile, 90s girl into jpop & kpop bops, indie western deep & tropical house on headphones. current standoms: Da-iCE, Highlight, Pentagon.

  • Any pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself.

  • 💕💕💕💕Married/Mommy💕💕💕💕 @Angels @Nascar @AnaheimDucks @Steelers

  • Feminist. Love my Angels, Clippers, Star Wars Nerd, Walking Dead, FoodNetwork. Technology Trainer #BaseballSisters #AngelsFamily #NotMyPresident

  • I love IRON MAIDEN & HAMMERFALL. believe in equality for all humans. have no respect for conservatives and there evil views.

  • original music+literature-visit my homepage-Footie watchdog-see my 8 eurofanatico teams on jimdo-garden man-English+German-writer at

  • we are adam rodriguez stans first, people second.

  • OSU || Singer/Songwriter || @hannahsings17

  • Art is my life.🎨David Caruso has changed my artistic life. Thank you Sir! #Soniadrew4U

  • Editor of TV by the Numbers. Aging dog forever trying to learn new tricks.

  • free bobby shmurda or lock me up too. fear what you dont know

  • The corrs, dido,Garbage csi sara y grissom,Jennifer morrison,Wynonna Earp, charmed,xfiles,Gillian Anderson ,Supergirl ,The americans odio el maltrato animal

  • Submitted without comment

  • I'd like to thank @MargHelgen and pizza for being part of my life. *Header by headerxs & televisionaca on tumblr.

  • 23 years wise.

  • Mum, Wife, Singer, work for NHS, football mum, love my family, love my life! and I will live in Cornwall one day!

  • Фан-сайт для любителей сериала CSI: Место преступления

  • Never doubt, never look back. That’s how I live my life.

  • Music 🎶 Movies 📽 TV series 📺 Singing 🎤 Coffee Drinks ☕ Family & friendship ❤ Want to know more? Come and join me! 😉✌

  • ❤Lana Parrilla❤ Ming-Na Wen❤ Paget Brewster❤ Lauren Graham❤ Mariska Hargitay❤ Gillian Anderson❤ KRAHAM❤PETSKA❤GILLOVNY❤

  • ❝Who needs Google when you’ve got Scully?❞

  • Retired therapist, Member MdDS. org., married, yoga doer. Scorpio. Traveler. My heroine Dana Delany.

  • Loving cars, games, shows and nature | vegetarian | @audi employee

  • All About Marg is a fan account with all the latest news on Emmy award winning actress & activist Marg Helgenberger. I am not Marg. Follow Marg at @MargHelgen.

  • Here to address all fan concerns and comments. Tweets are typed by my son Hornswoggle as I don't know how to use twitter -Parody Account-

  • Mother-chemist-inquisitive atheist-wine snob-frustrated musician-science education & child advocate/Prob someone you went to school with #UCFamily #Cancersucks

  • Canadian author & poet. Antitheist/Polyatheist. Wife of @BP_Smith Expat Montréalaise who loves science, great literature, wine, music, & film.

  • Join the NO BS Movement. Quotes & merchandise made to inspire. | For inquiries & collabs: | Content is © | Instagram: @rebelwithaquote

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