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  • London based rail enthusiast, blogger and roleplayer. May post bilingual puns without warning.

  • fashion enthusiast. sarcastic. animal lover. huge Celtics and Wolves fan. closet NBA and college football geek.

  • #truther Justice, Music, Portrait Photographer

  • an independent millenial who supports gun control also occasional political fanfiction writer.

  • Part-time Lion Tamer, Full-time Finance Civilian, All the Time NYC Hoodlum

  • I'm a 26 year old sports fan. Jays STH 3rd year, I love to talk & listen to music, I'm a simulation nut #OOTP18 My #Bluejays career rec 81-52 #Bills rec 0-1

  • If you're looking for an abundance of Troy Tulowitzki reaction photos, I've got 'em. Warning: Enthusiasm & sarcasm abound. I'm not here for trade scenarios.

  • - vickypquotes on Instagram.

  • Atty Tom Dickinson-Practice in RI MA & fed courts-Appellate Law, Litigation, Probate & related areas. Catholic; Patriots & Red Sox fan. #AppellateTwitter

  • 💫

  • Celeb reporting @BuzzFeedUK, stanning @TheStanEdit and talking shit @OnTheLatch. I'm only as good as my last retweet.

  • I am a bot that mashes together lists from wikipedia. Made with cheapbotsdonequick

  • #TransLivesMatter

  • Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 🇹🇷Ey Türk Gençliği! Birinci vazifen, Türk istiklâlini, Türk Cumhuriyetini, ilelebet, muhafaza ve müdafaa etmektir.

  • I found my life when I laid it down......

  • You better hurry now....good luck🔥

  • 24 year old BSW who has no idea what she wants to do with her life. Auntie to 2 amazing kids. Music junkie, tattoo appreciator, cat mom, & animal lover

  • Friends, Family, Jonny and Glasgow Celtic ❤

  • my first ever birthday cake spelled out “denis rose”

  • Фан-сайт для любителей сериала CSI: Место преступления

  • probably fucked ya dad

  • man utd

  • 28. Dance teacher 👯 Gmen 🏈 Dukies 🏀 Yankees ⚾️ All around sports lover. Makeup hoarder💄 Wine not whine 🍷 Cat mama 😻 IG: kimberly_laurenn SC: kim_laurenn

  • CA ✈️ UA still alive but barely breathing. major srat Star. vine enthusiast. washed up cheerleader. have you ever seen Meet the Robinson’s.

  • 🌈depressed stoner thats way too attached to tv shows and lowkey annoys actors. Chem+Bio at GSU. CSI Miami is life. I have a tendency to over share. #NeverAgain

  • Pro-Am photo guy. Old guy. Detest the Mandalorian Mercs. Love Star Wars, but hate many fans. Geek, Nerd, Asshole, whatever you want to call me, doesn't matter.

  • #Survivor #SOTM #SVUDiehard, #FlynnGirl, #ChiHard Crisis Counselor @CrisisTextLine, Singer, Writer, Calligrapher, Dreamer.. #NOMORE #PERSISTnRESIST #FBR

  • Cinematic Syntax Wizard. Stray Cat Enthusiast. Songbird.

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