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  • Father, Entrepreneur, CEO, Newbie Programmer, Dreamer, Fearless

  • bts hyung line love bot ♡ ; fan acc ㅡ @sinblooms

  • I Am Wat I Am -Highlights in Everything Ima living proof 3Time All-American 3Time All Conf 2nd All time in INT'sAll Division 35INT's Record Holder #Goat

  • R.I.P.

  • Iconoclast, existentialist, philosopher, post-Republican goddamn independent, carnivore, sailor, attorney

  • malware lover, reenigne, programmer, father, Christian

  • forevergirbaudandjessewept

  • झूठेन्द्र बाहुबली यानी मै भारत की प्रजा के बैंको मे जमा धन को 15 मित्रों को बाटता रहूंगा। RSS ताऊ, भक्त बेचारे व EVM मामी मेरे साथी है। मेरा भाषण है मेरा शासन।

  • #education #learning #Brazil its #language, its #food #travel Work @OpenUniversity #leadership #edtech Believe @MhairiCalveyAct will win an #Oscar 1 day

  • hi i'm ally! 26, nebulously nb, a lion ♌️ hxh is my life. i want off the hisoka murder cruise

  • stepping on Jaden's stairs | #BLM | #NoDALP |

  • Dan. 20. *insert a witty description of how cool and interesting I am* [she/her]

  • NYC native; Classics PhD student @ Columbia. Enjoys Hellenistic/Roman literature, chortling at marginalia, & NYTimes crosswords. Tweets are my own.

  • Respectable proprietor of Rene's Memes and

  • It seems like I've been here before

  • trans girl (came out on 11/12/2017) | follow for quality trans posting | she/her | Samus main in every smash

  • Ceo of DrityDiamond Ent.DrityDiamond Magazine & NotoriousGirls Magazine Join me 100% You.Spread The Word Join now people #TeamprettyLadies

  • Assistant Literary Agent, Spencerhill Associates. Twin mom +1. Eclectic in life & books. I♥️Jane Austen & scifi in equal doses. Query me:

  • Data Scientist; Gamma Phi of Theta Xi; Georgia Southern University

  • Bey,Ker, Jada and Gabs are my Queens👸🏾 BΔΚ

  • Aggie. Attorney. Peanut M&M's are 🐐. I love sports except for when I hate sports. And yes, Dallas is better than Houston. Thanks and Gig 'Em. SEC BRO

  • Closer to 40 than 30. I keep tarantulas, among other things.🕷️

  • rich dreams $$$

  • "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." ✨🌺🌹🇵🇸

  • Humane society volunteer, genealogist, mystery reader, collector, history buff Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild

  • Twitter suspended me for 7 days for saying BITCH. Now, I’m a Christian.

  • Senior Editor - @theballoutmedia

  • The Twitter Account With The Worst Personality In The World. Writing Space Pirate Wrestling, records no commentary LPs. Blocks a lot. Gay & Trans. She/Her

  • Scarlet Witch Stan. {❤️}#RenewEverythingSucks

  • Chief Technology Officer, Ethical Hacking, @BT_Global. Defending Linux, smart contracts, blockchain, quantum computing, neural nets, encryption, Aspergers/ASD

  • I would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling policemen

  • @BTS_twt owns my heart

  • 💕베스트 최고가 맨 ~ 박우진•바구진•참새 🐦

  • 19 | Pitt 2021 | Writer, Artist, and Prospective Linguist | BLM | “La première idée est souvent la meilleure”

  • Romance Author - but also fangirl! #ChicagoFire #LizFF

  • Sam ~ I’m extremely unmotivated right now.

  • Resisting Stupidity

  • Amateur misanthrope, Major League Asshole, Retired door-to-door underwear model. Prone to pissing in your Cheerios.

  • Dadx2. Married up. Humana is my 9-5. Physio. WashU MBA. Missouri roots, Idaho soul. // Music, movement, photography, soccer, college fb, healthcare, & JC.

  • Northern girl. Likes animals, music and reading. BSB fan since 1995. #Spoonie #HeadphonesOverHumans #KTBSPA

  • "min yoongi drinks water sexily" • ynm


  • Rock 50's-present, Hammaconda🍆 Retro shit, Stern/Sirius/Radio 📻, Atheist, CF, likely to piss ya off politically bcuz in the middle😋

  • MAIN: @heroofficial25 | Currently brewing some mischief ☕🌅

  • STFU you're not bangtan to be my world||@BTS_twt enthusiast❤

  • - Vaperzie ヴェーペジー - Leader Of Faust - Night Rogue ナイト・ローグ - @dark_serra is my girl. Brother: @AssassinnGrease #MVRP #Villainsacademy Now Kamen Rider Rouge.

  • Best offers for men and women! Amazon associate, tweets contain affiliate links. To promote your product contact us via e-mail- 🇺🇸

  • The OFFICIAL Twitter of ninetek™ dadtek™. VITRIFY Ω ‡ ◊◊◊◊◊ 96% HUMAN FLESH, 4% THC. #Millfan. He/him. 'just a bad deal for everyone involved' - @bread_thing

  • 19 • UGrad Civil Engineer • insta: onlyyouphilly Photographer/Videographer/Designer

  • Sports reporter for @voicenews. WWE editor for @SportsAlDente. Mizzou '17. Coffee. Sports. Pro wrestling. Always living the dream

  • boy lite

  • I write for and I host the podcast Lizard People.

  • Professional Real Estate Team in the Maryland, D.C. area. Our philosophy is simple: clients come first. Contact us today!

  • 🇦🇫🇦🇫

  • No contract, no peace! Seizing the memes of production from @Columbia and fighting the good fight with @GWCUAW #CUOnStrike #CUBargainNow

  • Adult artist /Webmaster/Animator/Creator. My merch: Free hentai:

  • ˗ˏSet to be a hero A.C.E #에이스 ʿ You're my 5tar #준 ˗ˏˋ @official_ACE7 -`ღ´- #Monsta_X + #Seventeen ↬ #UNB ;#UP10TION ;#Dreamcatcher ;#NUEST

  • Retired aerospace engineer, wilderness guide. Progressive, photographer n brilliant bad speller #FollowBackResistance #TheResistance #RefusePolarization


  • Blake '18🎓| #CTR17🏈 |#StayHumble| NSU ‘22🔰

  • “If you say Spo-kane, we’ll smack you with a pine tree.” #WildAndWonderful #GoCougs

  • Identitarian, western culture & traditions, celebrates bacon, red pilled, anti mass immigration. Defund CBC. Lists blocked. RT does not imply agreement.

  • obsessed with @SSecaur 💕

  • Listen to my LP 'Brainwashed' OUT NOW - 📺👁🖤🌈🙌🎶

  • casually awkward // @BTS_twt 🌹 •FAN ACCOUNT•

  • Boise State football. Dumb jokes. If you like these things we'll get along.

  • Netflix originals enthusiast | nem ‘21

  • A product of German efficiency, Spanish passion and pure Pinoy badassitude

  • #TheResistance #whiterosevoice #StandingRock Fighting for Democracy since 10/16 ,tRump/Russia, Writer, Humour, Independent, No trumpettes, ACA

  • Catoonist Renegade

  • Chuka, 26. Cereal/dog enthusiast . My music:@ My podcast: @ Welcome to earf.

  • Queen of Nothing, Princess of Everything

  • “The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters.” Audrey Hepburn

  • I help people find the best tech for their Home, to keep their families safe and make life more enjoyable. Lets connect at #GrossTech on YouTube.

  • East coast guy living out of place in LA. Buckeye by blood, Hokie by birth. Voted Most Spirited of Senior Class. THE truth is greater than YOUR truth.

  • Morning show producer @GlobalRegina. Shamelessly loves curling, corgis & Taylor Swift. Let’s chat: Views are my own.

  • Snake stores venom in its fang, Bee in its sting,Scorpion in its tail, but everything of #ChadhhiGang is poisonous. ctrlC+ctrlV+Edit. RTs are not Endorsement.

  • OCSD: 6-8 Phys Ed | Associate Head V Boys 🏀 | Head XC B/G | Asst. V B/G Track | Head CV Court Kings 🏀 | UNI | Cubs

  • Twitch Streamer, & Hot takes on ⚽️🏈🏀🎮🎵🎬, WWE and #OverwatchLeague. Lootboxes are gambling. Email: #GreenWall

  • face yourself.

  • ask yourself who’s screwing you?

  • lpm

  • Daughter of #MSG / Member of shah satnaam ji Green s Welfare Force / Merchandiser at export company

  • Bringing Political Reform in the World's largest Democracy 🇮🇳 and a Cyclist. Public Relations consultant. Website designer. 📧:

  • Student by day, streamer and sloth by night 🙋🏻‍♀️

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