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  • Simple

  • *i thought your clumsy chopstick skills were charming.* - epik high;;;; ♡kyu;;;; mark's 小公主

  • i am a 🐷 [+19] FIL/ENG 🇵🇭 [rts 18+ things] || Art Twitter: @_roeru || Buy me a ☕️? =

  • @westonjed19 & baby whitehouse💘🌎

  • Crypto hunter and hardworker

  • #enginer #fotógrafo #Mex #Usa snapchat: carloslemus1

  • Born in Brooklyn New York.

  • Millenial who loves my country, liberty, the constitution, beautiful Capitalism, National Sovereignty and the DREAMS of American Citizens

  • {main account: @izamitty}

  • Retired Nurse. Scouser. Labour member. (Tweets R Personal) Saving Labour from Blairshite Tories and pathetic coup d' etat against Jeremy Corbyn & members.

  • Yep, we cook fresh grain-free stews for your dogs and cats every day! Concentrating on healthy living for (especially) dogs and cats!

  • I drown in the drumming ploughland

  • Production Manager at Bassmnt Nightclub. Skratch Warlord. I say things that you’re afraid to.

  • Head of Software Engineering at @tam_hub. Proudly married to @e7san.

  • It took only 14 days to decode 9EC4C12949A4F31474F299058CE2B22A #AmazonInfluencer #Cyberwar #CyberSecurity #Intelligence #Pentest #DDoS #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency

  • La vie :)

  • Azúcar, flores, y muchos colores 🍭🇲🇽🌟🌟 ~~My name means Ireland and I like long walks on the beach

  • 옹이

  • [sips Diet Pepsi out of a chalice made from a human skull]

  • • if you ship Chanbaek and like memes we're friends • “I don't like tea but I would have a cup of nctea for sure” ♡ EXO saved me ♡

  • On the net

  • Interested. Thinker. Maker. Investigator. Explorer. Observer. Documenter. Archiver. Learner. + Adventurer. @icklefilmfest @bitterrind @thesquibsquib

  • IT, computer science, ships, space, rockets, things nuclear hopefully not going bang near people. Muchly tweeted by phone, apologies for typos. V95.45XA

  • Tweets by Yorkshire twins, Chloe and Abigail. Let's have a natter. We produce #illustration and #design. 💛 Scarborough born and bred. Say hi!

  • John 13:7 | Either uyang' tolerate'a or uzong'thola later

  • NO

  • Tech Innovation and Development. Advocate. Consultant. Educate, Engage and Empower. Technology matters but it's always about people

  • Lewisham via Newcastle and Hamburg. ESC, NUFC, LGBT, C&W. Linguist, parkrunner (A1088564), LLama (FaulknerM), Remoaner, random chef, bedroom keyboardist.

  • Developer, researcher, game designer, human obstacle course, and fake geek boy. All my tweets are entirely my own fault. 💯🤖🥂🏳️‍🌈👾🌹

  • Unsuccessful attempt of colorist and draftsman :'v || Anime || Fujoshi || BSD, DMMD, Mononokean, 19Days, Magi || Manhuas || Music || SoraMafu|| Spanish 💕

  • voted for DJ, SW, nearly for RK .I am totally for Anne Marie Waters #ForBritain

  • A Monkeys Uncle - Deep in the Jungle

  • Just wanted to show my legs because the money was good and it would help my career

  • In transition... A typical guy who is trying to rediscover how to live in the world. Thoughts are my own. #SupportSmallStreamers #PositivelyChangingLives

  • @KodyVajjha is my daddy. @AccioBae is who he wants me to be.

  • Community Building Platform for Startups, Mentors, Investors & Co-working Spaces | Subscribe for WhatsApp updates:

  • An ibo boy with a smile,big dreams and a prayer

  • Wall Street Sr. Computer Analyst (rt)

  • 'When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts' ♥

  • got alot to say

  • All I spit is truth. Eating tangerines and fingering penguins.

  • 💙love Blue 💙 follow @TeamCaramac ❤️@ManUtd❤️

  • Writer | Gamer | Aspiring Full Time Streamer | Twitch Affiliate | Ceo & Founder : @NovioGaming | Email :

  • Im Obsessed with Philosophy and the Hebrew God • I'm a humble hypocrite • an Honest Liar • a Trustworthy Thief and I believe in Love more than Truth.

  • 📸/🎥 ¥ Health is Wealth #FlicksByJay #RegalKings #DubNation #RaiderNation #LARRY #QualityConyrol2018

  • tweetification

  • On the net

  • #SchumerShutDown #NoDaca #NoAmnesty #NeedMoreRepublicans18 #DrainTheSwamp #ReleaseTheMemos #TrumpNationRising #SupportOurMilitary #NoChainMigration 🇺🇸

  • fettes Kind mit Gottkomplex.

  • i know i shouldn 't really be here

  • Made in Africa

  • 平宮なさ - ♀ True Neutral Yuri INTJ | Nasha/Hira She/Her | Technology, Anime, Gaming | ❤ @ghostlyvortex (draws the icon too)

  • Shoot producer at adidas 🏀🏸 // side hustling 🎥🎬at:

  • हिन्दू राष्ट्र बने हमारा 2019 श्रेष्ठ संकल्प हमारा मेरे सभी Tweets # Like पर मिलेगे ।। पेंज…

  • Breaking technology news, opinions and reviews from - Reliable Tech News

  • Bharat1st || Financial Advisor ||MODIvated||Convener BJP IT Vibhag UP West ||TweetsPersonal,RTs not endorsements||

  • it's never too early for a dr pepper | senior @ jhs | lds | 🌈

  • Read 40+ illustrated quick-read scifi snapshots from a dystopian capitalist future at I'm also he/him.

  • CEO at Reportlinker; #Entrepreneurship, #Frenchtech #Opendata, #AI, NLP, #MachineLearning @reportlinker

  • welcome to the amy bot. be boop. ba boob. ba bop boooooop baaaa beh beep [@rosytherascaI / auto replies: on; tweets every 30 minutes]

  • Mum of 5. Always busy, can't sit still. Loving life! Motto: If you're going to do something, do it properly! Casting mum to @ElsBradfield and @MaddieBradfield

  • Prof. Dr. Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence #AI, Machine Intelligence, Machine Learning #ML, Robotics, Software Engineering. Runner, books, Yogi.

  • If you miss Heaven, you miss ALL... Jack of all trade, Master of All... ||JesusFreak ||PetroleumGeologist ||SiteEngineer ||Writer ||MUFC


  • Blogger, Artist, Lyricist, Designer,founder of music group #RunTheGame and President of Watezilla Entertainment ( |

  • a lot in a little package

  • Hey strangers. Long time no tweet.

  • I glew down | #blm

  • because i'm the bitch who never learns

  • We may be freaks but we know our beats. Chatting about all things electronic dance. You like EDM? We've got it covered. Subscribe to our podcast on YouTube

  • Believer in Almighty | Family | HockDaddy | USC Gamecocks | Entrepreneur | Fun-Kind-of-Guy

  • Tungsten delivers Big Data, Advanced Analytics , Business intelligence(BI), & Ready to Use solutions to clients in US, UK, India, UAE & Austraila.

  • Ex ICT Project Officer, Current Car Detailer, recreational sailor

  • Music for the rainbow that float's accross you're view, with silver and gold in sight, you are adorned with righteousness from the heart.

  • Ed Rankin is an experienced executive coach, leadership advisor and successful entrepreneur.

  • Namaste. Geeking about Social and Socially on Geeky Tech stuff and getting a kick from participating in the evolution of the internet. Tesla & SpaceX fan.

  • 🌌🎶🎵🖼🏈🏀

  • радуга еее🌈 @iero_kaktus солнышко :з

  • Bot by @binkkerdesu ! I say really random things..

  • ❤️iKON ❤️MONSTA X ปล.รีหนักมาก. บ่นไปเรื่อย. *ไม่มีอะไรน่าติดตามฮับ* '94 '23

  • Digital Marketing Executive , Become an Affiliate

  • The Most Trusted #SSL Certificates Provider. Secure #Website with #Symantec, #GeoTrust, #Thawte & #RapidSSL at Low Price. Buy Cheap #Wildcard SSL & #EV SSL.

  • love animals, music, books, art, politics, Lake Erie, Cleveland browns football, ohio state football, comedy&laughter, & DONALD J TRUMP

  • New jobs in Durham Region, Ontario - Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Clarington and more! To have us post your job, just use the hashtag: #mydurhamjobs

  • I'm about my father's business. J.E.S.U.S Jeremiah 29:11

  • 20 anni, piccola #otaku amante delle CLAMP; sadica ruolatrice da 4 anni ♡ @wonderland_sass is my parabatai ♡ | MONBEBE ✨ | AHGASE | MELODY | BABY | MULTIFANDOM

  • brb crying about elio

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